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  • Vi är ledande inom hårtransplantationer! Förlust; 8000 hårsäcksgrupper, Transplanterat; 2200 hårsäcksgrupper. ALLA INGREPP UTFÖRS AV DR ILTER!
  • Förlust: 22 000 hårsäcksgrupper. Transplanterat: 2200 hårsäcksgrupper. ALLA INGREPP UTFÖRS AV DR ILTER!
  • Hos oss kan du ALLTID räkna med ett naturligt resultat! Förlust; ca 4000 hårsäcksgrupper. Transplanterat; 2000 hårsäcksgrupper. ALLA INGREPP UTFÖRS AV DR ILTER!
  • Såhär ser det ut när Dr Ilter stansar ut hårsäcksgrupper från givarområdet som sedan kommer att transplanteras på andra områden. Skillnaden mellan FUE-Ilter metoden och vanlig FUE är måttet på punchern. Dr Ilter jobbar med sin egna puncher på 0,6 mm i diameter vilket innebär mindre skada för givarområdet, de flesta kliniker jobbar med 1 mm i diameter vilket innebär större hål och längre läkningstid.
”Through a personalized crafts we recreate your hair.”

Art of hair transplantation

Here at the Ilter Clinic, we believe hair transplantation is an art.
One of our strengths is our dedication to design. The Ilter Clinic creates living, non-linear hairlines that replicate the originals that were once there. The same goes for the scalp, where we recreate natural swirls and growth directions that offer a genuine density.

Natural-looking results

To make as natural looking results as possible, we pay particular attention to the availability of grafts in the donor area, which is limited and varies from person to person, and each person’s goals and expectations, which can vary widely. These factors combined with the type of hair means the number of grafts required is going to vary, too.

The goal is to achieve the most natural looking results possible, which is usually done by balancing symmetry and proportion. Through micro-made craftsmanship, we give you your hair back for good.

The FUE Ilter Method (FUE IM) eliminates the risk of unsightly scarring on the back of the head. The procedure is practically risk-free and painless. The healing time is also minimal.

Our hair transplant services

Here are a few important points to make note of:
– We usually only treat one patient per day and this means we will always provide personalized service and total discretion
– FUE IM offers the most natural results as it follows the graft’s correct anatomical size
– MD Ilter has personally carried out over 2,300 FUE IM procedures, which is equal to transplanting around 1.5 million grafts!
– FUE IM gives you permanent and natural looking results without leaving an unsightly scar in your donor area
The Ilter Clinic’s goal is to always offer our patients the best quality possible. This comprehensive focus on quality is our highest priority and covers every aspect of your hair transplantation, from first initial meeting to service and final results.

Here at the Ilter Clinic, we work in an international environment, and we have chosen to offer only the very latest FUE technique; FUE IM.