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  • 2 000 hårsäcksgrupper transplanterade på front med FUE-Ilter metoden. Patient hade förlust på ca 4000 hårsäckar.
  • Kvinna med medfött djupa vikar, 1000 hårsäcksgrupper transplanterade med FUE-Ilter metoden. ALLA INGREPP UTFÖRS AV DR ILTER!
  • Alla våra ingrepp utförs av dr Ilter; plastikkirurg specialiserad inom hårtransplantation! 2 200 hårsäcksgrupper transplanterade med FUE-Ilter metoden. Patienten hade förlust på ca 6000 hårsäckar.
  • 2 200 hårsäcksgrupper transplanterade med FUE-Ilter metoden. Förlust; ca 6000 hårsäcksgrupper. ALLA INGREPP UTFÖRS AV DR ILTER!
”Through a personalized crafts we recreate your hair.”

MD Ilter: founder, surgeon

demirMD Ilter is the founder and surgeon at the Ilter Clinic. With over 25 years experience as a surgeon, he has been the physician behind every single one of our operations since we opened our doors in 2003.

Before founding the Ilter Clinic, he worked with the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Cardiovascular Surgery divisions at the world-famous Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

He is the creator of the FUE Ilter Method (FUE IM) and is widely recognized today as one of the world’s leading hair restoration experts.

MD Ilter’s 23-year journey that led to him founding the Ilter Clinic began in 1988, when his keen interest in aesthetics led to him working with the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery division at Karolinska. Five years later, he was invited to join the hospital’s renowned Cardiovascular Surgery division, where he further developed his microsurgery skills.

His interest in hair transplantation was triggered by a colleague’s unsuccessful hair transplant operation in late 2000. MD Ilter’s research in the area revealed how new and better techniques for hair transplantations – techniques that did not yet exist in Europe – would soon be the way of the future.

Since then, MD Ilter has participated in a number of seminars, held courses, attended conferences and hosted discussions at a number of hair transplantation conferences together with physician colleagues.

MD Ilter is an active medical practitioner in Sweden, a member of the Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Turkish and Belgian medical associations and is licensed to practice as a doctor in the five countries.